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sob. much more, karl rove coming up, straight ahead. [ female announcer ] enjoy a complete seafood dinner for two for just $29.99 at red lobster. with fresh salads and biscuits. your choice of entrees. and an appetizer or a dessert to share. for a limited time at red lobster. ♪ hey ♪ what you do to me ♪ what you do to me ♪ hey ♪ all i see ♪ yeah [ male announcer ] you know her. ♪ it's new to me, yeah [ male announcer ] we know diamonds. and with an extra 10% off storewide now through sunday, together we'll find the perfect gift. that's why only zales is the diamond store. . >> sean: we get karl rove's reaction to egypt in just a minute but first our great american panel. he was seenior spokesman for hillary clinton's presidential campaign, mo is back with us. he's appearing next week at the finance any bone, paul mur curio is here. and mercedes schlapp is with us. this is the problem with this imam. he didn't want to answer the questions. of course he believes in jihad. of course he believes in the virgins. his comments, sharia law cutting off peoples arms and hands,
this fight? karl rove is here. he says yes. >> it is back. our weekly analysis of the mainstream obamamania media bias. >> 1.8 million jobs have been created so far. >> sean: this week the obama budget edition. >> plus governor christie has a few choice words for the white house. >> we are teetering on the edge of disaster. >> sean: hannity starts right here, right now. tonight wisconsin has reached a boiling point. protests growing after governor walker made it clear to union they've eaten their last free lunch in his state. the controversy began when he unveiled his budget to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state workers to gain control of the per little -- perilous economic situation. a vote was to be held on the budget. all democratic state senators cowardly fled and went into hiding to prehaven't a vote. later this afternoon they -- prevent a vote. later this afternoon they were found held up in an illinois resort. thousands of teachers who would be affected by the measure refused to show up for work. that selfish move forced a number of schools to shutdown. what may sh
the tea party will come after him. plus karl rove. he tells you how it could impact race as head. that is just the beginning. we begin with griff jenkins who is on the ground getting us an inside look at what the tea party is all about. >> u.s.a.! >> 99% of the time you talk to some activist wherever you are in the country. >> we the people not we the government. >> they say i've never did this before. i never thought i'd have to do this. >> i am one of thousands, if not millions of tea party leaders. >> there's not one single person, anyone can be a tea party leader. >> tea party americans who have been bold enough, customer ridge just enough to start telling the truth. >> we the people! >> reporter: the rise of the tea party movement is one of the most significant developments in modern american politics. what began at the grass roots level on main streets across america has grown into a political force that answers to no one and bust be dealt with. they had an undeniable impact on the midterm elects. do we know who they are, despite their ubiquitous presence or they are leader
is free. what does this mean and what happens next? tonight ambassador bolton, karl rove and tim pawlenty go on the record. first live to cairo. dominic did -- dominic did natalie joins us. -- dominic di-natale. >> reporter: remember this date, that was the date the egyptian people found freedom after 30 years of m's dictatorial rule. the scenes we saw today show the egyptian people are never going to forget this. anybody in the watching world who have seen these pictures today, and over the past a teen days will fan it hard to forget. -- past 18 days will find it hard to forget. we saw hundreds of thousands of people in tahrir square behind me shout out in joy, the moment the vice president of egypt said his boss, hosni mubarak was again. an extraordinary moment in at least modern middle eastern history. >> greta: dominic, unbelievably exciting. are any people leaving? it looks like more people are coming to the celebration. >> reporter: there's been a constant to and fro all night. we are five hours after the first day of the mubarak regime. people are coming back to get a feel of what
: karl rove is here to go on the record. first lt. governor clay fish joins us live. where are your 14 democratic senators tonight? >> i don't n to the public. we would encourage them to show up at work in madison which is where their constituents need them. >> >> greta: when was the last time you have heard directly from these senators? >> i believe the senate majority leader did hear from leader miller later -- i'm sorry earlier today. i believe that was the last communication. most that we have heard from them, at this point is on television interviews. >> greta: somebody's gotta give. either the governor has to give or the state senate has to give somehow or the 14 senators who are in the state of illinois need to come back. who is going to give first? >> well, we have nothing to ác/judy as you her the governor say, we're broke in order to enter -- as you heard the governor say, we're broke in order to enter into a negotiation, you have to have something to negotiate. we have no money. we have a 3.6 billion budget deficit. we need to address it this is how we are addressing it. wh
party under the bus could backfire. why karl rove says some legislators need to start wooing members of this political movement, now. that's in just minutes. ♪ professional driver on a closed course. ♪ do not attempt at home. always wear your seat belt. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do >> greta: republican senator orrin hatch got off to a rocky start with the tea party. the group has publicly disapproved of some of his decisions in washington. it is not all downhill from there. senator hatch is now reaching out to the tea party as he heads into a 2012 r
kabal went on the attack today. karl rove jumped all over the unions on fox. here comes glenn beck spinning another crazy conspiracy theory about unions. and of course, the president of the united states. and the drugster trashed the president and madison protesters all day on his show. and of course, all the national media attention actually made some republicans nervous in the state of wisconsin, in asking dr. scott walker to make some minor changes to the proposal. the milwaukee journal sentinel reporting that dale schultz, thank god no relation, and van wanggaard putting some bargaining rights back into the bill. believe me, folks, it's window dressing, it's not real. later this afternoon, another major shoe dropped. the president, the president of the united states finally ended his silence in an interview with the milwaukee nbc affiliate and the president made this comment. >> i'd say that i haven't followed exactly what's happening with the wisconsin budget. i've got some budget problems here in washington i've had to focus on. i would say as a general proposition, that ever
to talk about the 2 o 11 election. >> i am going to side with karl rove, that those that raise this diminish themselves. white house strategy, really? >> he was right up until the point he said this is a white house strategy. that's wishful thinking. that's absurd. this has been pumped up on the fringes for over a year. you don't have folks like bachman slam it down like karl rove did. they use weasel words like i will take the president at his word, which is what the speaker said over the weekend. no. the president is a citizen of the united states. stop this. move on. the folks on the far, far right stir this chum and it has rooted deep, bizarre anxieties. >> if 51% of republicans say they don't think barack obama was born in the united states and cornell voucher, your a numbers guy, that is up from august, 2009, when 44% of republicans said that. i assume that's why some republicans like to stir this. >> let's stop playing around. that birth certificate and all the evidence in the world isn't going to turn these people that want to believe that into believing it, because it
, proof again that no theory is too strange for conspiracy theorists, the latest from karl rove. you know, the architect? the white house, barack obama is engineering the birther stuff because it makes republicans look silly. it's republicans who are afraid to mess with the birthers. every time i talk to one, they're afraid to say it's nonsense. we begin with the wild sensation out in washington. for the second straight day, madison skpool teachers and other public employees have called in to sick or done some other kind of job action. meanwhile, all 14 of the democratic state senators have blocked passage of the anti-union bill by simply apparently splitting from the state. they're out of the state. the scene in wisconsin appears to be a long-awaited confrontation between republican state houses and the power of democratic-leaning public employee unions. let's turn to the union director for the united steelworkers. also joining us by phone sf glenn grotham. michael bolton, sir, thank you for joining us from the steelworkers. thank you. michael bolten, sir, thank you for joining us. if yo
the republican party as birthers. will that get any traction? karl rove will analyze. >> i'm going to start smoking and get fat. >> dennis miller is worried about the debt crisis and very concerned about lady gaga. ♪ i was born this way. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the budget brawl gets personal. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. for the first time in my life the federal government is being held accountable for how it spends tax money. in recent years, trillions of taxpayer dollars are flowed into washington and elected officials spent on everything and provided oversight on the grave train. meantime, most of us, the real folks, worked very hard for our money. now because of the debt crisis federal spending is under siege. over the next few years we can expect many government programs to be abolished such as subis subsidies for naacp and planned parenthood. that's an gering some on the left. enter george soros and his move on organiza
that karl rove has on speed dial, there is a reason those oil billionaires don't just make their own individual i'm an oil billionaire campaign contributions. they pool all of their money in karl rove's american crossroads organization, so then karl rove can make multimillion-dollar impact moves in election years. it is nice to have a lot of little fish. but sometimes it is the biggest fish that eats the best. in 2008, the groups that spent the most money on elections that year were the chamber of commerce, the giant right-wing pac freedoms watch, the national rifle association, and, hey, wait, what are all those weird little initials? oh, yes. service employees international union. and the american federation of state, county, and municipal employees, the public employees union. in 2010, post citizens united, 7 of the 10 top spending groups were all right wing. chamber of commerce, both the karl rove groups, americans for job security. all of these right-wing groups. the only nonconservative groups that cracked the top ten were the public employees union, the seiu, and the teachers
source of independent funding, even more than karl rove's conservative group. so how significant would it be if the power of the unions was busted, dismantled? >> right. well, one thing i want to remind people, though, with afsme, we know where that money came from versus karl rove's funds, we don't exactly know where all those monies came from. so i think there's a big difference in the kind of money that we're talking about coming into the process -- >> well, i think we kind of know where karl rove's money came from. >> some big donors. >> yeah. >> the koch brothers, not the least of it. but there's no question that labor plays an important part in the democratic party. but you know, i have to say the more -- and i think this is part of what howard was trying to articulate. it doesn't make it clear that what walker is really about here is a political strategy, not a budget-balancing strategy. and i think ultimately that's part of what has been turning the tide against the republicans on this issue. that you know, there's a fundamental fairness issue that people just don't like. >> ro
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orwell in 1984. karl rove was a master of this in u.s. politics so the accurate charges against you look like rhetorical reprisal. stalin was a master of this. let me steal a phrase from boston harbor about peaceful revolution. linguistically ben ali was acting president of tunisia. king abdallah was the henchman reminding this french historian of louis xvi. in 1789 ben holly seemed to sense the need to allow some public spirit to exist but turned out to be his last speech that betrayed his fundamental misunderstanding of the new reality, quote, and i decided freedom for the media with its channels and cadets sites with any form of monitoring. the critical phrase was the death toll of his tunisian. the acting president is no better unconsciously revealed that his acceptance speech is the same attitude. first and foremost, quote, in the state's supreme interest, and national unity. toomey sean hannity forces allied the fight for the supreme interest of the states against those lead by someone who stands for the republic. they hope his commission will be that frankfurt assembly of our day.
strange. the latest from karl rove that the white house, barack obama, is engineering the birther stuff because it makes republicans look silly. it's obama's fault. excuse me, karl, it's republicans who mess with the birthers. we begin with what has become a huge national story. the wild sensation in wisconsin centered in madison. for a second straight day, schoolteachers and other employees have called in six or done some other job action. all of the democratic state senators in the legislature have blocked passage of the bill by apparently splitting from the state they're out of the state. the scene in wisconsin looks to be a long awaited confrontation between republican state houses in the power of democratic leaning public employee unions. let's turn to michael bolten. a union director for the steel workers. thank you. michael bolten, sir, thank you for joining us. if you have to explain this to somebody from norway or not out there, what's this about? >> this is a so-called budget repair bill has nothing to do with repairing the budget. has nothing to do with creating 250,000 jobs.
their wishlist is and is starting to do theired bying. also, karl rove saying something that might be even dumber than mark kirk. oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number? [music playing] confidence available in color. depend® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. >> being in congress pays, especially if you're a freshman or a republican. wall street journal reports that big corporations have given roughly $2 million combined to the political action committee of the 80 new republicans in the house. the journal explained, quote, it's all part of a biannual cycle where newly elected lawmakers tries to raise money and interest groups seek to curry favor with new faces. in other words, it's organized bribery. you get elected, they pay you, you do their bidding. very simple. hey, tea party, how's those republicans working out for you? >> remember a few weeks back when house oversight committee chairman darryl issa asked 150 corporations for help on what to target to deregulat
to do and karl rove is with us right if you. boy, this is getting weird. >> it is and it will be a key element in the next several days: how will the military respond. mubarak attacked president obama implicitly and vice president suleiman used his speech to attack al-jazeera but further dealt with the concerns of the protesters, a peace will transition to a new regime putting the army, the military, in a bad place. are they going to side with suleiman? or side with the protesters? at the ex-expense of suleiman and mubarak or forced to bring in a new government? we are likely to see in the days ahead tough decisions to be made by the biggest and most important institution in the society: the military. >>neil: but there is enough to say in the same breath, tiananmen square, protests have been gathering a couple of weeks and push came to shove the military responds. i don't know if we are there yet but if you say that protesters saying they won't go and the vice president has said you really should go and the president, hosni mubarak, said we cannot allow this chaos to continue, i think
mumbarak knows a lot of bad things about the u.s.a. karl rove will analyze. [chanting] the militant muslim brotherhood now becomes a greater force in egypt. why do some american liberals sympathize with them? >> these are prop began disses. they are advocates. they have been regularly lying to the american people for years. >> bill: also tonight, arianna huffington gets a big payday from aol. however, she is being sued. megyn kelly is investigating. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks forever watching us tonight. a mubarak double-cross. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. hosni mubarak is leaving power and his vice president will take over. however he says he will stay in egypt until the elections take place in september. i doubt it the best would be for the military to take power that still might happen. for now confusion continues to reign in egypt because this tyrant mumbarak will not leave. the truth is that there is no natural democratic leader in the country and if the ar
and is that overstepping his authority? karl rove is here, here with his expert insight next. >> he's the longest serving defense secretary in history now donald rumsfeld revealing personal details with saddam putting a hit out on his daughters who did not have secret service protection. "fox & friends," hour number four right now. ♪ dana, we do four now. the fourth quarter. when you play football you always put up the four for the fourth quarter and dana perino chugging along. >> and i just found out my grand twins in scotland are watching. >> in scotland. do you say something like hello or cheerio. >> that's goodbye. we start with headlines, a fox news alert. an around the clock marathon, finally over on capitol hill, the house approves 1.2 trillion dollar budget. >> on this vote, the yeas are 235, the nays are 189, the bill is passed. without objection a motion to reconsider is on the table. >> the measure cuts more than 61 billion dollars in spending for the remainder of the fiscal 2011 year. the lawmakers voted to send the so-called resolution to the senate despite a veto threat from president oba
the fight against health care to a whole new level and karl rove says it's not true that the gop cannot get it revealed. -- repealed. a creative new tack tir to take down health care is emerging. martha: very interesting. plus explosions that rocked an entire neighborhood, two blocks evacuated, and rescue workers are still looking right now. this is an ongoing rescue scene. they need to find five people who are missing in this wreckage. we'll take you there to al -- to allentown when we come back. martha: let's get a look at the headlines right now, a live look at the cpac which has gotten underway, the american conservative union, set to speak today, congresswoman michelle bachmann and senator mitch mcconnell, among many others, and also, verizon customers having a big day today, your iphone dreams are becoming a reality, apple and verizon are selling the popular phone to the iphone store, i should say. expect long lines. before you could only get a phone if you were an at&t customer, now verizon has it as well. >>> a landing at an airport in western ireland, a plane flipped over and burst
is how you pronounce it. >> karl rove will be here as well. michelle malkin and guys, get ready, because irina shayk is going to be here trying to appeal to the new "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover model who when she comes back in her next life, wants to be her dog. that's what she said. we'll ask her that question. >> she's caught up in the westminster madness which we were caught up yesterday. at 1 minute after the hour, tell us what's happening. >> developing story right now. two leaders in bahrain's government step down following another night of violent protests. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. when the smoke cleared, four more people were dead. dozens more were hurt. right now, the capital on lockdown with armed patrols and tanks in the streets and protests are under way across the middle east in libya, iran, iraq and yemen. flags are at half staff at immigration and customs enforcement headquarters in loredo, texas. that's the base of operations of the murdered agent. investigators believe members of the zeta drug gang killed and wunlded another agent.
. >> laura: dominick and mike, great to see both of you. stay safe. up next, how would karl rove advise president obama on this egypt crisis? he will be here. and, later, bill o'reilly with a preview of his big super bowl pre-game interview with the president when we come back. >> laura: and in the impact segment tonight, president obama was asked about the situation in egypt at a press conference this afternoon. he called for an orderly transition process to begin now and said this about his conversations with president mubarak. >> i have had two conversations with president mubarak since this crisis in egypt began. and each time i have emphasized the fact that the future of egypt is going to be in the hands of egyptians it is not us who will determine that future, but i have also said that in light of what has happened over the last two weeks, going back to the old ways is not going to work. >> laura: how is the administration handling the crisis? let's bring in karl rove who is, of course, the senior advisor to president bush. karl, good to see you. some people out there are now sayi
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is not going to work. >> laura: how is the administration handling the crisis? let's bring in karl rove who is, of course, the senior advisor to president bush. karl, good to see you. some people out there are now saying that, maybe the president is speaking too much. that we hear from him almost too much on egypt. he also said today that hosni mubarak needs to consider his legacy, what he is going to leave behind that seemed odd to me. i think we are late for legacy building for hosni mubarak. your take? >> john bolton made this observation about talking too much a couple of days ago. i think it's absolutely right. a lot of diplomacy needs to take place behind the scenes. for example, hosni mubarak. when the president talked to him earlier this week, the president went out and said they told the presidency what he had said, you have got to step aside and your son can't run in september. this probably took this very proud man and took his back and made him stand up. the next day he said my son was never expecting to run. the comment today you need to consider your legacy, again, this is like p
else you might like, karl rove, somebody else, and tell you all the reasons why you should not pickney -- pick me. why i made that choice. and he said ok. -- why i am a bad choice. and he said ok. i set down with the president and carl and said, i am wyoming. only three electoral votes. we went through the whole exercise. he listened. karl rove agreed with me. [laughter] and i went back of $2 and within a day or two, i got a phone call early in the morning. i was on a treadmill and it was the governor saying, ok, you are my guys and i want you to run as my vice-presidential candidates. and i want youuidy to run as my vice-presidential candidates. i have a suspicion that he never gave up after that initial request. he has never admitted that to me. maybe he will after he sees this. [laughter] but it was the thing that changed my mind, the thing that affected my judgment on it was that i worked with him over two or three months where i could observe his mind working about what he wanted in a vice president, what he was looking for. this was a guy who was not going down the normal path fo
: karl rove, former senior advisor to george w. bush, and fox news contributor. no one is taking off the gloves -- i guess they are, but nobody is going to budge so far when it comes to whether the republicans will get their cuts or if president obama will get the spending he wants. >> two very different views of what the budget ought to be and what the fiscal path for the government will be. one said we have to put our fiscal house in order and cut spending. the other said we need to spend more money to invest in things like high-speed rail and high-speed internet. megyn: president obama said that he will save us $1 trillion over 10 years. >> the cuts are phony. he said, i will save $1 trillion in spending over the next decade. if you take a look at it, the biggest cut is to assume that we'll spend in iraq and afghanistan at certain levels and we're drawing down troops in iraq and afghanistan, so suddenly it saves us $1.1 trillion in war costs and $200 billion in interest. that's how it was going to be anyway. nobody was planning to have surge levels for the next 10 years. in fact,
of leadership from january. that is a pretty big drop in that number. karl rove joins me now. former chief of staff to president bush and fox news contributor. good morning. martha: that is a big dip. >> reporter: a 20 point swing. i'd a tribute it to other numbers. he moved up after he signed the tax cut deal with the republicans and after the teach in tucson. if you take a look at gallop poll the president's approval is 26% approve and 61 disapprove. on receive bits 32% approve and 64% disapprove. this is what we're dealing with domestic lee in front of the congress. they are going to dominate the 2011-2012 election cycle, and he's way down on the numbers. martha: what about his response to libya and the wisconsin issue. it could tie into the numbers you should showed us, in terms of his leadership. >> reporter: absolutely, look, presidents succeed and come across as strong leaders when they do things that do succeed. getting a deal on the tax cuts, e tending the bush tax cuts and providing the comforter in chief roll he played after the tucson mass car. people care what you do on a sust
are trying to margize them as painting them as nuts. all fox news analyst. karl rove. there is no doubt in my mind after watching gregory on meet the press on sunday, grilling speaker boehner about the birth certificate and all that, gregory is liberal man? >> sure. >> bill: okay, yeah, so the vibe let's divide the republican party. >> the president could say here are the documents but they are happy the have the controversy continue because every moment conservatives talk about this they diminish themselves in the minds of independent voters and every moment we spend talking about this controversy is moment we can't spend talking about the failed stimulus bill, obamacare, his failure to have live up to the promises he made in the 2008 election. he was born in hawaii. if he was born in kenya, there must have been some massive conspiracy this guy was born --. >> bill: they did the investigation. you got that from me. >>> i got it elsewhere. >> bill: there is though and you saw it at cpac in washington, d.c., there is an element of the republican party that is far right. that really loves this
care reform law when he was briefly governor. >> even karl rove, president bush's formal rival said the number one challenge for you getting the nomination is your enforcing of this one person. you are sticking by the title of your book. >> i point out the things i do differently. i'm not going to apologize for the right to craft a plan to help their people. i can tell you this, the politics are something i'm not going to give a lot of worry to. >> are you apologizing for imposing that requirement? >> of course i'm not apologizing for it. i'm indicating that we went in one direction and there are other possible directions. i would like to see states pursue their own ideas. that was the idea of the democracy, try ideas, state to state. we did not say the federal government can make its choice and impose it on all the states. >> poor mitt. unless he can figure out how to rewrite that answer, you have seen why he cannot win the republican party's nomination for president. the republican party and a federal judge have now made the individual mandate the key issue for the next presidenti
it is an infrastructurele fight. >> karl rove wrote, union demands produced $3.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities for state and local government pension and health care plans. they've also led to personnel practices that tie the hands of local elected officials often results in perverse outcomes. >> well if i was on his side, i'd be saying the same thing. this is a political fight. >> no, but is he right? >> no, he's not correct because the numbers show where collective bargaining is not allowed in states there's $222 billion budget deficit collectively of all of the states. this is not a worker problem. this is not a wage and benefit and negotiated problem. this is wall street. this is an aftershock of wall street and what has happened and it's an attack on the middle class. it'sen fortunate republican governors have decided to take it out on the backs of the workers instead of asked for shared sacrifice. i was at a rally in trenton, new jersey, in front of state house on friday. to a tee i asked every one of the workers do you understand what governor christie's trying to do? absolutely. do you want to g
on the 2012 elections. we have some very special guests lined up. congresswoman bachmann, senator demint, karl rove. that's only the beginning. you don't want to miss our special tea party politics, tomorrow night on the record, 10 p.m.. >> here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> we are issuing a challenge to president obama. gotta get this qadhafi guy. you got to try him for terrorist acts. we have to get him. we have to go into libya and get the man. that's our lead story tonight on the factor. >> greta: that's 11 p.m. eastern time. >> next up, florida attorney general bondi wants an answer now. she is making the next move and is here to tell you about it. >> here is a brain teaser. what would democrats do if governor palin were president? rush limbaugh says he has a hunch and will tell you himself, minutes from now. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and but
white house senior advisor, karl rove. the unions, are they losing ground and desperate? >>guest: today i have a white piece of paper, if you look at 2009 the unionized workforce made 12.3 percent of all workers. in 2010 it dropped to 11.9 percent of the workforce they lost 612,000 union members in 2010. each of the 612,000 people had literally several hundred worth of union dues going into the mill coffers of their union to spend on politics. so, you keep having a couple hundred thousand, if 500,000 leave the labor union movement and you soon start have a crimp in their political budget and it has an effects on the president. >> we have been talking about governor walker in wisconsin attempting to reduce the power of state government workers and how that works out we don't know. but there is an enormous push back from state worker unions desperate not to lose anymore ground. >>guest: absolutely. here is another fancy graphic. the union movement is public sector unions, last year 7.6 million public sector union members versus 7.1 million private sector unions. increasingly more and more
woman? that's what the liberals are saying. dick morris and karl rove will analyze on the factor. >> greta: next up, the world fears an i am innocent showdown sheer the sue -- an imminent showdown near the suez canal. ambassador bolton is here. >> police track done a big time cat burglar. they let him go and the neighborhood is fine with that. sounds crazy? we'll show you why. ize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it goty attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. i was just gonna say that! abo this flat haiolor! let's dimensionalize! [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy, with colorblend technology. anti-flat, always dimensional. in one simple step, get a beautiful blend of tones and highlights, built into every shade. s
? that's what the liberals are saying. dick morris and karl rove will analyze on the factor. >> greta: next up, the world fears an i am innocent showdown sheer the sue -- an imminent showdown near the suez canal. ambassador bolton is here. >> police track done a big time cat burglar. they let him go and the neighborhood is fine with that. that. soun yikes, this color just sucks the life out of me. i was just gonna say that! abo this flat haiolor! let's dimensionalize! [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy, with colorblend technology. anti-flat, always dimensional. in one simple step, get a beautiful blend of tones and highlights, built into every shade. see ya, flat! [ gigi ] it's always dimensional. it's nice 'n easy. your right color. now try new colorblend foam, only from nice 'n easy. just three shakes, foam it, love it! when you save 30% on spring vacations at travelocity. umbrellas! little umbrellas! spf i'm in heaven! i'm gonna be red as a lobster. [ male announcer ] save 30% on spring vacations at travelocity. it's go time. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a deve
about whether there really is a budget crisis, but this is about union busting. and karl rove even said that yesterday, talking about how they're trying to diminish the membership of unions around this country, and that, of course, would affect the pocketbooks of a lot of campaigns for the progressive movement. you're seeing this in ohio. you're going to see it in florida. you're going to see it in other states as all part of a bigger plan. and this crowd unctio understands that. so i think the president, in my opinion, and from the people i've talked to here in wisconsin, they want him to take an unequivocal stand that the labor like this and expecting a certain amount of people in this state to have to bear the major brunt of doing anything financially for the budget. and on the other thing, you know, where is harry reid? this is a fundamental foundation of the democratic party to stand with labor on all issues. senator schumer, senator durbin, they have been ominously silent on this because many liberals in this country and workers and middle-class americans think this is ground zero
the evangelical coalition that everyone was singing the praises of under karl rove, focused not on social issues but on fiscal issues, the debt, etc. the fact of the matter, the coalition hasn't changed. it is the same people. four years ago when every magazine editor was assigning articles about the 50 most influential evangelicals in america, all those voters are still there, in fact, they get elected to office. this isn't disingenuous on the part of congressman pitts, he wants abortion rights. i think this is they are pursuing what is their ideological agenda and making good on promises of constituency. the final point i make is this. it is much harder to deliver on the economic promises. if you want to cut government, okay, the three things you go after, the federal government is basically the military, social security, medicare, all these of those things are off the table. they can't go after any of them because it is politically toxic. what is that left with? not much. you can cut taxes, but they are the lowest rate since 1950. they look around, what really is there aside from some sort of
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